Essential Equipment For A Same Day Courier Driver

Having a job as a same day courier driver is a good thing, though you might not make loads of money, if you provide good service with a nice smile you might earn good rewards. It’s also a good career choice for those who dropped out of high school, are in between jobs or simply looking for ways to make ends meet while pursuing a higher degree.

The few benefits include, flexible hours and it’s also a great way to know your way around town. However all courier drivers need to have the following piece of equipment when embarking on their careers.

Things Which Every Same Day Courier Driver Needs

  • A well kept vehicle, this means that your vehicle is not only maintained through proper servicing and oil change but it should also look the part. Imagine if people see your large piece of junk carrying their special equipment and the heart attack which it might give them. A nice clean and relatively new vehicle will surely help you go places.
  • A Sat- Nav or GPS, which would help a courier driver during times when they feel they are losing their way. A good satellite navigation system also helps during rough weather and alerts you to possible traffic jams.
  • A mobile phone which is always switched on, with a camera. A hands free kit is also a good thing to have because you might have to contact people at different times while driving.
  • A fuel card, this one disregards the need for fuel receipts which you might have to keep handy. At the end of each month you would get a complete receipt and can also avail a few discounts on your fuel.
  • Stuff which would let you handle loading equipment. For example having a few ropes handy is not such a bad idea, it could prevent things from rolling about in your van. Though occasions like these might be few and far between it is always good to be completely prepared for any type of gear which needs to be transported.
  • A doggy bag which contains a sandwich and some fruit. This will suffice you when the way is long and the journey tedious. It can also help save time when you feel hungry and might have to stop for a pizza or a burger.
  • Last but not the least is an optimistic and confident attitude. This will make people rely on you easily and also lead to some good rewards from your employer.